About us

Our mission

The mission of the Alentejo European Office is to coordinate efforts, promote synergies while representing Alentejo Region, through the dialogue with the European institutions, other regional representations, and more broadly with Brussel’s stakeholders. Following this direction, Alentejo EU office acts as a liaison office having established bilateral and multilateral relationships with the European Brussels arena.

To achieve this mission, the main activities are:
Constant dialogue with European institutions, namely, European Committee of Regions, European Commission, EU Council and European Parliament;
Liaising with Brussels-based representative of regions/cities: participation and cooperation in European regions networks in which Alentejo is associated;
Advisory to the representatives of Alentejo society while traveling to Brussels and offer of its facilities;
Policy analysis and monitoring; “Brussels’ Pulse” Bulletin with key information on European news and opportunities;
Organization of events and meetings, about matters of special interest to the region;
European Project proposal assistance, in close collaboration with the European Projects Office of the Government;
Organization of events and high-level meetings;
Assistance in the presentation of European projects proposal, including European partners search.

Our History

Alentejo's flag has been in Brussels since 2019, with a clear objective: to reduce the distance between Europe and Alentejo. On March 14th, 2019, the Alentejo European Office in Brussels was officially launched with a dedicated event, “Welcome Alentejo”. This event, was both a "special breakfast” and networking event, aimed at giving an insight on the Alentejo/Europe Initiative, an overview of Alentejo strategic priorities, as well as a future perspective on interregional cooperation. "Welcome Alentejo" launched the regional representation activities in Brussels and the new members of the Brussels-based circle of Regional Representations.

The Presidents of Alentejo Development Commission and Alentejo Development Agency highlighted the relevance of the initiative and simultaneously promoted Alentejo as a destination of excellence for foreign direct investment. Alentejo's European office was then born under an agreement between ADRAL (Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo) and IrRADIARE Science for Evolution (European affair Bureau) with the support of CCDR Alentejo (Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo (CCDR).

Alentejo's Representation, under the designation of “Alentejo / Europe Initiative”, acts as a “bridge” between the European Institutions, networks and fellow regional representations and the local and regional stakeholders. Since 2019, Alentejo / Europea Initiative has promoted the region as a territory able and capable to cooperate and to share/receive know-how for enhancing the transition towards a paradigm of green, digital and inclusive development. Alentejo / Europe Initiative supports H2020-AURORAL cooperation roadmap related to Brussels based institutional and peer-to-peer relations, among many other projects.

Alentejo Permanent Representative in Brussels, is Marcos António Nogueira. Joana Good da Silva serves as Policy Adviser.

Message from

Permanent Representative of the Alentejo Region in Brussels

Marcos António Nogueira

The deepening of the role of the regions in the European framework is a pillar of the institutional strengthening of the European Union. In September 2013, Alentejo organised the first European Congress of Emerging Regions, with a participation that includes a significant presence of European networks that address regional issues. As such, the Alentejo has played, on a European level, a necessary and useful role of leadership of emerging European regions.

Policy Adviser of the Alentejo Region in Brussels

Joana Good da Silva

Working as a Policy Adviser at the Alentejo European Office, has made me realise that the voice given to European regions is crucial for their fast and robust development in all European dimensions. The presence of the Alentejo region in Brussels is very needed to achieve this, through the creation of clusters, networks, consortiums and partnerships with other European regions with the same regional challenges and opportunities.


Building a strong cooperation network with Brussels-based entities has been the Alentejo/Europe Initiative’s main activity, Brussels-based networks are oriented towards exchanging information, enhancing cooperation opportunities, especially when it comes to projects partnerships, and disseminating best practices.

Our dissemination activities

“Brussels Pulse” Bulletin for Alentejo’s stakeholders

Brussels' Pulse editions

Alentejo Europe Initiative Annual Report

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